Grinnell Fire Protection 600 PSI tricolor gauge 5380

Grinnell Fire Protection 600 PSI tricolor gauge 5380
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  • Item #: 5380
  • Manufacturer: Grinnell
  • Condition: New

Grinnell Fire Protection Agency Pressure Gauge

Please refer to the following specs for more information:

Overall Depth: 1.17 inches nominal
Overall Diameter: 2.13 inches nominal
Connection size hole: .25 in diameter
Connection Hole Quantity: 1
Case Material: Alumnium
Case Surface Treatment: Enamel black
Graduation Unit: 5 PSI
Adjustability: None
Scale Range: 0-600 PSI
Scale Name: Pressure
Dial Size: 2.0 inches nominal
Pointer Color: Yellow
Pointer Type: Indicating
Scale Smallest Increment: 50.0 pounds per sq inch
Connection Type: External
Connection Type: Threaded
Connection Location: Bottom
Part Number: 96921


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